Online Innovator of the Year

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This category highlights the achievements of those who have embraced the opportunity to develop their business through the use of online tools.  You should be able to demonstrate a good internet site and a strong, innovative online presence through social media, with examples of how this has improved
or affected your business. 

Entry Criteria

  • Innovation / Creativity – Is this site or development/products within this site innovative?
  • How is the concept of this site, the way it is managed, run and developed 
  • User Friendly – What steps were taken to make sure the site was user friendly? 
  • Social Media – Show evidence of a strong online promotional strategy
  • Impact on Business – How has this increased the businesses online footprint and visibility, show evidence of return on investment.
  • Impact on development – What impact has the implementation of these mediums had on the business overall, how has this effected the running of the business in other areas, have changes been initiated by
  • this development.
  • Engagement of Staff – Show how you have trained staff in the use and understanding of social media.
  • Cost Impact / Labour saving – What cost has been taken into consideration when establishing the internet site and social media sites and has it proved to be cost effective?